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With me from the beginning

Everyday I would get up at 6 am starting my daily routine. Shower – I like a cold shower in the morning – , breakfast while watching kids’ cartoons – that must be the gajillionth rerun of the smurfs -, brush my teeth, do my hair – there is still some Gatsby left in the can – and then put on my suit – just sleek -

Then I head out to the office. Pass Omotesando Hill – oh, a new exhibition. Let’s go there after work -, take a left at Jingumae crossing and head towards Shibuya – I hear Tower Records went bankrupt? That’s some big news – I arrive at 8.45 am. 15 minutes before my actuall shift starts. Time to check some E-Mails – Haha nice, she sent me some funny pictures. That helps me through the day – and read some feeds – Wow, Canon releases new camera – Then my day starts.

That’s my daily morning routine for the last four years. Always with me my scooter that my parents gave to me when I entered high-school. Quite old, but reliable. Always been there for me and always a stable factor in my life.

Isn’t that what we are looking for?

The real deal

Cafe Snobbish Babies

I saw this scooter while photowalking in Nakameguro. It was parked in front of a cafe called “Snobbish Babies”. I admit, my eyes fell on that sign first and then the scooter. Nakameguro has not only weird named cafes, but also very nice boutiques and bistros. It’s a favorite place for Tokyo people to visit during spring when the Sakuratrees blossom.

Sakura Blossom Nakameguro

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