I serenade you and you smile for me.

Streetmusician on Hindenburgstrasse, Moenchengladbach

We just walk the streets and stop at random places. May it be in front of a shopping mall, a playground for kids, a park. …

When we walked together…

When we walk together

I like this place. We used to come here to have walks along the river. He would say: “Don’t you think it’s funny how the …

With me from the beginning

Reliable friend

Everyday I would get up at 6 am starting my daily routine. Shower - I like a cold shower in the morning - , breakfast while watching kids' cartoons - that must be the gajillionth rerun of the smurfs -, brush my teeth, do my hair - there is still some Gatsby left in the can - and then put on my suit - just sleek -

Discover the world around you


Sometimes I wish for a child's careless mind. So I could walk around and discover my surroundings as it is, without any concern and knowledge about the world. Everyday would be a new adventure and everytime I see something new I would feel intrigued and I want to know more. Step by step I draw my own world.

He will be late again

Arranging plans for the night

On a sunday afternoon we went for a walk in the mall and enjoyed some windowshopping. I haven't seen her for a while, so we talk. It's a good conversation. She tells me about her life on campus and about her new roommate. Apparently she is from France and very nice.

Waiting for…

Waiting for...

This was a shock. I opened my mailbox and there it was, staring at me. This message would surely mean another tragic event coming up. But those 6 words could never suffice to describe what's going on...

Where am I headed to?

Stairs to nowhere

As I fought my way back through the darkness I began to feel this anxiety. Too deep did I delve. This I know by now.